The Ali Foundation

"If 1 person can do so much, imagine what thousands can do"


Starting today 10% of all net revenue generated on will be separated and collected into a project I’m calling “The Ali Foundation”. Furthermore, a large portion of income and revenue that I generate from all profits that I make through my content (OuttaPocketAli, Outta Pocket, will be donated and saved under this project. Today is the first day that I’m starting this initiative and the truth is that my knowledge and experience are limited for this at this current time, so I will not be accepting any donations towards this for the time being. All of the money that is collected under this project will be publically updated on this page and every expenditure that comes out of this will be documented and shown here as well (similar to Jack Dorsey’s “#StartSmall”).


The Problem


The core values and mission of “The Ali Foundation” is a concept I built from my experiences and perspectives on the world in terms of personal growth, intention, purity, and “success”. What defines success in my eyes is how someone has affected the world positively and influenced the people around them. Everyone is an influencer, and everyone has the power to change the world to some degree. How we influence and how we change the world isn’t always good though. Right now I see the world headed in a very bad direction, divorce rates are increasing significantly and marriages decreasing as the population increases (this on its own is scary, humans are loving and sexually driven, without healthy and pure love we can’t be happy and stable), depression and mental health issues are increasing, and worst of all people are losing their faith and purpose, which is the driving force behind everything. Why be happy and be a good person when more and more people around you aren’t, it’s hard! You need a strong purpose and you need the right intentions to have the willpower to endure this rising problem. 


The Vision


We are lucky to still have many greats that live among us. Nobody is perfect, but everyone has elements to them that are perfect. We need to focus on those elements and understand the causes that led to them. The concept that I want to build “The Ali Foundation” on is through cohort segmentation and analysis of some of the most transformative, successful, and influential people of our time to understand what environmental and societal impacts made them the way they are. For example, Elon Musk faced extreme adversity and challenges, but was still able to revolutionize the world establishing himself as a visionary genius (this is written on 4/16/2022, at this point Elon Musk has changed the car industry in a way that will help save the world from the damages of non-renewable energy sources by forcing all car manufacturers to switch to electric cars -if they don’t their majority market share will be taken by Tesla by 2030- he is doing much more than this though and I have no doubt that he will impact the world even more throughout the rest of his life ~ Starlink, Space X, The Boring Company, a recent attempt at acquiring Twitter, Neuralink, etc.). So what made Elon, Elon? I want to invest and build a team that will study these incredible people, and begin building a society, education system, and an environment that cultivates geniuses, free thinkers, and world leaders. Instead of pouring money at the front-end buying food, water, and investing in temporary solutions, we will create new societies that can think for themselves and solve their own problems. Reinventing the education system and creating a new foundation for the growth and success of mankind.


Current Budget: $1024.81


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